Introducing Open DeFi Launchpad

Open DeFi was established to provide the grounds for collaboration, innovation, and creating cross-border opportunities that will shape the future of the DeFi industry for years to come.

We are taking another big step towards realizing this vision with the introduction of the Open DeFi Launchpad

Through the Launchpad, we offer access to funding, product advisory and community-building support for the next generation of DeFi protocols that are being built today, making global financial markets more efficient and inclusive.

The DeFi Ecosystem

The DeFi ecosystem has accrued close to $40 Billion in value in less than a year. We estimate that in the next 3–5 years, radical DeFi innovations in trading, lending & borrowing, new asset classes, decentralized governance and token-engineered investment mechanisms will capture a major share of the multi-trillion dollar traditional financial industry, and will bring many equity and derivatives instruments on-chain.

Open DeFi is in a unique position to leverage the combined resources of our member network to generate user adoption, bootstrap liquidity and raise capital. Our members include some of the biggest DeFi protocols, venture funds, research firms, academia and industry leaders.

What is Launchpad?

The Launchpad program includes grants from prominent DeFi projects and Open DeFi members along with support on VC fundraising, token issuances, liquidity pooling and market-making strategies. Apart from financial support, the Launchpad focuses strongly on product security by offering auditing services that protect both investors and users — enabling more sustainable growth. The member network also provides assistance and advisory for financial engineering, decentralized governance, running a DAO, and designing the token-economics of new ventures.

The Launchpad is supported by industry partners in different markets across the world, which will help the portfolio projects to run smooth operations in various target geographies, with a special focus on Asia. The projects that join the launchpad will have access to reputed exchanges, token listers, and market makers to help navigate the later-half of the product lifecycle.

The teams that will join the launchpad program will work closely with the Open DeFi community.. This makes strategic sense when growing your product from zero to one, and to have the initial set of product ambassadors that will lead to more visibility and collaborations.

The Launchpad is now accepting applications for products, tools and services in the areas of lending and borrowing, derivatives and margin trading, insurance and mutuals, identity management, digital security and technology conduits for getting new assets like NFTs and data into the DeFi world.

We are looking for highly motivated founders of pre-seed companies with a strong belief in the ethos of decentralization and building next-generation financial products.

Visit our Website to learn more and apply… Stay connected to Open DeFi on Twitter and Discord.



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