Open DeFi Launchpad: New Members

Since our announcement of the first projects joining the Open DeFi Launchpad, we were flooded with a high amount of interest from the decentralized finance community and the next-generation of DeFi’s founders and builders. The current projects in the Launchpad are receiving a wide variety of support from the members of the alliance, with connections to market makers, strategic grants, and are currently working on integrations with established protocols to bring new assets and liquidity to their multi-chain offerings. Projects accepted into the Launchpad will collaborate with well-established DeFi protocols, research groups, security firms, academia and industry leaders. Adopting the Launchpad platform, we create and strengthen go-to-market strategies for protocols that are truly innovating in the space.

Today, we are excited to share with the community the next batch of Launchpad projects that we believe will continue to propel DeFi to its future self.

Welcome Ramp DeFi, OptyFi, Sacred, and Domination Finance!


RAMP DEFI utilizes staked capital on the non-ERC20 staking blockchains by collateralizing into rUSD, a stablecoin which is issued on the Ethereum blockchain. rUSD therefore represents collateralized staked liquidity. rUSD holders can borrow, lend or exchange rUSD for other stablecoins such as USDT or USDC freely within the DeFi ecosystem, creating a seamless liquidity “on/off ramp” for users with capital locked into staking arrangements on various blockchains.


The OptyFi Protocol enables the identification and execution of optimal yield strategies across liquidity pools, protocols and blockchains. OptyFi’s smart contracts are able to execute arbitrarily complex yield strategies with a simple single line command. OptyFi’s optimization engine identifies optimal strategies in real time, enabling vaults to capitalize on fleeting opportunities to earn outsized returns. The protocol’s flexible design allows new protocols and liquidity pools to be added rapidly, resulting in an exponentially growing universe of executable strategies.


Sacred is a new privacy DApp, based on ZK-SNARK technology and platformed on the Conflux Network. Public blockchain’s distributed ledger technology divulge the transaction history of all wallet addresses (ie. see Etherscan) and thus, addresses are vulnerable and publically available after transaction reveals. Sacred gives the user agency to privatize transactions, with low gas fees, and a sound crypto-economic model.


Domination Finance is a non-custodial financial instrument and exchange. It enables traders to speculate on Domination Derivatives and generates APY on stablecoins for liquidity providers.

Join Us

At Open DeFi we believe radical DeFi innovations in trading, lending & borrowing, new asset classes, and token-engineered investment mechanisms, will capture a major share of this multi-trillion dollar market and make traditional finance more efficient and globally inclusive, with a potential to replace the old systems entirely.

We are still looking for highly motivated founders of pre-seed companies with a strong belief in the ethos of decentralization and building next-generation financial products. If you are a founder of a project looking for support as you prepare to enter the wild-west that is DeFi, we encourage you to apply and get in contact with us!




A community driven DAO creating the next era of multi-chain DeFi.

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Open DeFi

Open DeFi

A community driven DAO creating the next era of multi-chain DeFi.

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