Open DeFi Launchpad: Introducing Our First Partners

Open DeFi
3 min readApr 9, 2021


In early March, Open DeFi established a global launchpad in collaboration with its member network, to nurture early-stage projects building the future of decentralized finance. Projects joining the Open DeFi Launchpad will have the opportunity to collaborate with established DeFi protocols, research groups, security firms, academia and industry leaders.

Using the launchpad platform and network, we are creating and strengthening the go-to-market strategy for protocols that are truly innovating in the space. The current projects in the launchpad are receiving a wide variety of support from the alliance members including strategic integrations, audits, market making, exchange listings and grant opportunities.

Today, we are excited to share with the community the first batch of Launchpad projects that we believe will continue to propel DeFi and build on top of the formidable money legos.

Welcome SpiceDAO, Smoothy, Hedgehog, Autonio, and Mettalex!


The SPICE DAO is a decentralised community that launches and governs tokenised investment funds. SPICE DAO’s vision is to become a community-governed hub for investment funds, enabling easy and efficient access to investment products.


Smoothy Finance is a novel stablecoin swapping protocol that is capable of supporting 20+ stable coins in a single pool with low-cost low-slippage swapping and maximum interest earning for LPs.


Hedgehog is a protocol that uses a bonding curve to allow anyone to create a single sided market (one token) for any ERC20 token. The single sided market can be used as a prediction market for depreciation of a token simply by deposit (minting a hedge token) and withdraw (burning the hedge token). The use of a bonding curve results in a new kind of stabilized tokens, that are stabilized for changes in demand of the underlying asset.


Autonio is building a prosperous community around algorithmic trading by democratizing access to intelligent automated trading tools and infrastructure. These tools make it easier for crypto traders to conduct trading analysis, deploy trading algorithms, exchange crypto currencies, sell their strategies and pool funds for trading purposes, all with profitability, security and ease.


The Mettalex team is creating a commodities exchange to enable market participants to gain economic exposure to the spot price and derivatives of commodities and other instruments. This will allow hedging of risk for physical holders of the commodity or leveraged positions for speculators. Positions are taken using specially designed ‘position tokens’.

Join Us

At Open DeFi we believe radical DeFi innovations in trading, lending & borrowing, new asset classes, and token-engineered investment mechanisms, will capture a major share of this multi-trillion dollar market and make traditional finance more efficient and globally inclusive, with a potential to replace the old systems entirely.

We are still looking for highly motivated founders of pre-seed companies with a strong belief in the ethos of decentralization and building next-generation financial products. If you are a founder of a project looking for support as you prepare to enter the wild-west that is DeFi, we encourage you to apply and get in contact with us!



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