Outlier Ventures Joins Open DeFi As First Tech Accelerator Member

Outlier Ventures has joined Open DeFi to provide insight and experience in incubating the next innovative applications in decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology.

Open DeFi was launched in September 2020 as a bridge across borders, cultures, and markets with the goal of fostering the growth of DeFi through focuses on risk, liquidity, and innovation. The addition of Outlier Ventures as an Open DeFi member adds expertise on how to mature new blockchain applications as well as forward-looking insight for the next revolutionary trend in the space.

Outlier Ventures is a leading investor and incubator for startups building Web3 innovation in governance, data economies, and the technology stack. Established in 2014, Outlier has advised, invested in, and incubated 25+ projects ranging from AI with Fetch.ai to data economies with Ocean Protocol. Through the learnings from investing and incubation, OV has also created an accelerator program — Base Camp — to support in pre-seed stage startups.

“As the first Web3 accelerator in Open DeFi, Outlier Ventures brings deep industry expertise in innovation and roadmap execution. We’re excited to have them join this initiative to provide guidance on the sustainable creation and growth of new digital assets and DeFi offerings globally.”

— Eden Dhaliwal, Global Managing Director at Conflux Network

While DeFi has been rapidly gaining traction, there are still many cyclic interests where recently it has been NFTs and before that, yield farming. As the first tech accelerator to join Open DeFi, Outlier Ventures provides a wealth of wisdom to see and lead the use cases that can bring adoption of DeFi and blockchain technology to the general public.

“Outlier Ventures is excited to join the Open DeFi alliance due to its breath of leaders in the space. The potential of DeFi is exponential and to a large degree is still limited to early adopters and innovators, with a lack of sustainable liquidity — essential for a stable market. Outlier have been supporting projects innovating in this space for the last 7 years and our accelerator Base Camp is designed to support teams tackling these problems head-on — aiming for a ‘mainstreaming’ of the industry and a drive to grow the ecosystem to its full potential. We’re excited about the prospect of continuing this work with the alliance, collaborating and supporting interoperability to move the whole space forwards.”

— Charlotte Kapoor, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Outlier Ventures

About Open DeFi

Launched in 2020, Open DeFi is a global initiative that seeks to develop the decentralized financial ecosystem and advance the collaboration of DeFi projects across borders and blockchain networks. Through a unique program focused on risk management, new liquidity strategies, and innovation, Open DeFi brings together global CeFi and DeFi partners to drive the future of finance. Members include Conflux Network, Sequoia Capital, Blockpower Capital, Antelope Holdings, dForce, DeBank, MCDEX, and Shanghai Science and Technology Committee.

For more information, visit: https://www.open-defi.com/

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/open_defi

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