OD DAO Governance Token: A Community Resource

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2 min readJul 5, 2021

On a journey to build an open DeFi ecosystem for all, Open Defi is bridging DeFi across networks and markets with its extensive efforts, members, and unique launchpad. Our initiative is to contribute to the developments of the DeFi ecosystem. We aim to unite the global CeFi & Defi partners for better financial opportunities, boost greater economic inclusion, and offer multi-chain and smarter solutions to projects and users.

Open DeFi was launched in 2020 with eight founding members to bring smarter solutions to present-day DeFi issues and limitations. The platform lays the foundation for open innovation with multiple solutions to support DeFi operations and projects.

Open DeFi DAO

Open DeFi DAO or OD DAO is a DeFi ecosystem for launching innovative, breakthrough, and next-gen projects. OD DAO also focuses on generating long-term value by building and launching early-stage financial protocols, applications, tools, and infrastructure that support Open DeFi’s vision of a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. Through this, we will develop an integrated multi-chain DeFi ecosystem to open up liquid markets and establish a new and better operating system for finance.

OD DAO Governance Token

We empower our users to contribute to the next generation of DeFi, and our OD DAO will play a crucial role in it as it would act as a community resource, like:

  • It will allow users to govern DAO operations, manage treasury and oversee accrued assets & revenues.
  • Users can launch early-stage projects through community-based decision-making processes.
  • Users can play the role of the contributor and assist Open DeFi projects and products to bootstrap liquidity.
  • Reward venture strategists for developing research & theses, creating project proposals, developing incubation funnels, performing due diligence, and managing assets for optimal long-term returns.
  • Earn more tokens by staking into the liquidity mining program.
  • Adding liquidity into native OD DAO vaults will enable users to earn liquidity rewards and fees.
  • Reward DeFi strategists for identifying new vaults & yield farming strategies and optimizing accrued assets to maximize yield revenues.
  • Reward marketers and influencers for promoting and educating their OD ecosystem projects to help build community and awareness.
  • Curate and Analyze Data using Artificial Intelligence and Complex Systems Modeling.

Thus, the operations and governance of OD DAO will be community-driven, allowing anyone to join and participate anytime in a permissionless way.

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