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Open DeFi
Open DeFi is a global initiative to develop the decentralized financial ecosystem and advance the collaboration of DeFi projects across borders and blockchains

Open DeFi is collaborating with Gitcoin to host our first hackathon, inviting our community of builders to help grow the DeFi ecosystem.

DeFi protocols, blockchain networks, and industry leaders from who support this vision of growing the DeFi ecosystem, will be sponsoring prizes for builders working on innovative ideas. The OD hackathon provides a platform to learn from multiple Web3 communities, and showcase and promote your products to a large audience.

There are various bounties to choose from, sponsored by Hummingbot, Ocean Protocol, Conflux Network, BProtocol, mStable, Oasis Foundation, Secret Network, Badger, ZKswap, Polygon, Vega Protocol, 88mph, DeFi Saver, Pickle…

In early March, Open DeFi established a global launchpad in collaboration with its member network, to nurture early-stage projects building the future of decentralized finance. Projects joining the Open DeFi Launchpad will have the opportunity to collaborate with established DeFi protocols, research groups, security firms, academia and industry leaders.

Using the launchpad platform and network, we are creating and strengthening the go-to-market strategy for protocols that are truly innovating in the space. The current projects in the launchpad are receiving a wide variety of support from the alliance members including strategic integrations, audits, market making, exchange listings and grant opportunities.

Open DeFi was established to provide the grounds for collaboration, innovation, and creating cross-border opportunities that will shape the future of the DeFi industry for years to come.

We are taking another big step towards realizing this vision with the introduction of the Open DeFi Launchpad

Through the Launchpad, we offer access to funding, product advisory and community-building support for the next generation of DeFi protocols that are being built today, making global financial markets more efficient and inclusive.

The DeFi Ecosystem

The DeFi ecosystem has accrued close to $40 Billion in value in less than a year. We estimate that in the next 3–5 years, radical DeFi innovations in trading, lending & borrowing, new asset classes, decentralized governance and token-engineered…

Conflux Network, mStable and Quantstamp are collaborating to establish an auditing standard for DeFi

With the recent quantitative easing and the growing instability in the traditional financial markets, there is a new wave of sophisticated institutional investors looking at DeFi for hedging and better returns. However, the risks associated with the DeFi platforms and systems, in general, are relatively higher compared to the long-established, highly-regulated traditional financial market.

The Open DeFi members network observed this gap for evaluating risks. Quantstamp, mStable and Conflux Network came together to conceptualize the idea for making a DeFi auditing standard for measuring technical and economic risk for institutional investments.

The DeFi protocols that meet the standard get issued…

Open DeFi is a global initiative initiated by Conflux Network in 2020 to advance collaboration across projects, protocols, communities, and borders. 2020 was a huge year for DeFi, and we are thrilled to kick off 2021 by actively onboarding new members to the alliance and launching a lot of exciting initiatives for adoption and growth of the ecosystem.

New year, new website

A brand new website —! Here you can find more details and the latest news on the initiatives put forth by Open DeFi, as well as everything you need to know about how to get involved.

Ocean Protocol, a pioneer in building a new, equitable data economy joins Open DeFi to bring an innovative perspective to the alliance through viewing data and data access as new forms of liquidity. Open DeFi was founded on bridging three core ideas — risk management, liquidity, and innovation — across borders, cultures, and markets. The addition of Ocean Protocol to Open DeFi connects existing members with new sources of liquidity in data tokens.

“Ocean Protocol is the leader in a new decentralized data economy, “ Eden Dhaliwal, Global Managing Director at Conflux Network says. “As a central part of Open…

Outlier Ventures has joined Open DeFi to provide insight and experience in incubating the next innovative applications in decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology.

Open DeFi was launched in September 2020 as a bridge across borders, cultures, and markets with the goal of fostering the growth of DeFi through focuses on risk, liquidity, and innovation. The addition of Outlier Ventures as an Open DeFi member adds expertise on how to mature new blockchain applications as well as forward-looking insight for the next revolutionary trend in the space.

Outlier Ventures is a leading investor and incubator for startups building Web3 innovation…

BlockScience, an engineering and analytics firm with experience in economic simulation is the newest addition to the Open DeFi Alliance. A key focus area of Open DeFi is risk management as the space continuously evolves. Blockscience not only brings vital tools that can be used to test new regulatory and security methods, but also the multi-disciplinary knowledge needed for leading a dynamic space like DeFi.

BlockScience was founded in 2017 by Dr. Michael Zargham with the vision to guide the development of systems by providing tools that bridge academic knowledge and real-world applications. They specialize in merging economic and mathematical…

We are thrilled to welcome SuperRare as the first NFT-focused protocol to the Open DeFi initiative. SuperRare will join the alliance in a distinctive position as a marketplace that is not in the DeFi market, but willing to explore how DeFi and NFTs can work together through the innovation track to generate new value and use-cases for both markets and asset types.

The Open DeFi initiative kicked off in September 2020 aiming to solve issues in the DeFi ecosystem such as creating bridges across borders and markets with the goal of fostering the growth of DeFi through focuses on risk…

Quantstamp has joined Open DeFi to provide insight and leadership in risk management practices to foster the growth of decentralized finance.

Open DeFi was launched in September 2020 as a bridge across borders, cultures, and markets with the goal of fostering the growth of DeFi through focuses on risk, liquidity, and innovation. The addition of Quantstamp to Open DeFi provides a knowledgeable and reputable source for creating solutions to manage the risk associated with DeFi.

Founded in 2017, Quantstamp has emerged as one of the leading audit providers in the blockchain space. Their audits have protected over $5B in digital…

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