Open DeFi and DIA Labs form a Strategic Alliance for Greater DeFi Developments

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3 min readJul 15, 2021

With great enthusiasm, Open DeFi welcomes DIA Labs into our ever-growing ecosystem.

DIA Labs is an open-source oracle platform that supports users and DeFi applications by supplying, sharing, and using transparent, crowd-verified price data and oracles. The platform is established to provide transparent, open-source, and regulatory compliant data as a key building block that contributes to the overall development of the DeFi ecosystem. To support this structure and DeFi ecosystem growth, DIA Labs plans to optimize its new multifaceted development tracks: regulatory interaction, inclusion for women in tech, and experimentation with disruptive technology.

Open DeFi, a DeFi ecosystem DAO, aims to build an open DeFi ecosystem for all. Open DeFi aims to create a multi-chain DeFi era through its community-driven DAO and unique platform features. It helps explore the DeFi markets focusing on the new digital asset classes, including NFTs, data tokens, etc. The OD DAO (Open DeFi DAO) is built to support and launch projects across all layer one ecosystems.

Partnership Vision

Through this collaboration, DIA Labs and Open DeFi aim to cooperate on various axes, from regulatory interaction to engagement with institutional partners. Open DeFi’s mission perfectly aligns with DIA Labs’ mission that would significantly contribute to the success of this collaboration. The platforms will engage with various institutional partners to simplify the way to open a gateway for additional DeFi permeation in traditional finance. Furthermore, Open DeFi launchpads projects will be integrated into the DIA Labs’ ecosystem development track as it focuses on DIA Labs’s core areas of interest like green crypto, NFTs, digital fashion, and the Metaverse. This collaboration will also promote DeFi collaboration and experimentation.

Ioana Surpateanu, DIA Labs principal comments:

“We are very excited to partner with Open DeFi and its solid ecosystem of Web3 and DeFi builders. In tandem, we will continue to bridge the gap between decentralised and centralised finance via regulatory and institutional interaction. Only via genuine experimentation and collaborative efforts will we be successful in enabling an optimal and multi-chain decentralised financial system.”

The Open DeFi team adds:

“We are thrilled to add DIA Labs into our ecosystem. When discussing issues in the DeFi landscape regarding incubation, legislation and institutional adoption, we discovered that our missions closely align. By sharing resources between our two projects we believe we are in a better position to innovate further, in an attempt to expand both of our ecosystems and the multi-chain DeFi space.”

About DIA Labs

DIA Labs is a nucleus for experimentation, networking and engagement. This structure supports DIA’s overall mission of providing transparent, open-source and regulatory compliant data as a core function of the DeFi infrastructure, alongside a multifaceted contribution to the overall development of the ecosystem.

About Open DeFi

Open DeFi is a progressive and unique decentralized protocol that aims to build an open DeFi ecosystem for one and all through its DeFi ecosystem DAO and unique solutions. Through Open DeFi’ community-driven DAO, the platform aims to bring a multi-chain era of DeFi and effectively contribute to the DeFi developments for greater and mainstream adoption.

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