Open DeFi: A Simple Guide to DAO Operations

Open DeFi is the brainchild of many respected DeFi and Web3 people and projects worldwide, united for a single purpose – to create a strong network of decentralized communities who work towards a better internet and cooperative capitalism.

This venture culminated in the making of Open DeFi DAO or OD DAO, a DeFi Ecosystem DAO, formed to launch the breakthrough DeFi projects of tomorrow. The ecosystem exists to generate long-term value by building and launching early-stage financial protocols, applications, tools, and infrastructure that support Open DeFi’s vision of a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

By supporting and launching projects across all layer one ecosystems, exploring DeFi markets surrounding new digital asset classes, including NFTs, data tokens, and more, OD DAO’s goal is to develop a truly integrated multi-chain DeFi ecosystem that will open up liquid markets and establish a new operating system for finance.

In the OD DAO ecosystem, the community will manage long-term multi-chain incubation strategies and short multi-chain yield strategies. The DAO’s incubation activities will primarily focus on providing resources and value-add services to seed-stage projects.

Here is a simple guide to OD DAO Operations for your better understanding. It consists of:

  • Venture Strategists: These include internal stakeholders who lend their skills and expertise for developing and managing investment strategies for long-term value generation.

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A community driven DAO creating the next era of multi-chain DeFi.

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Open DeFi

A community driven DAO creating the next era of multi-chain DeFi.